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Practically painless

Easy to carry

Works quickly




How does the J-TIP work?

The J-TIP is 10 cm long and weighs about 9 grams.
The medication is released under pressure of compressed gas , once the trigger is pushed.
The gas pressure pushes the medication through the skin pores, into the tissue under the skin.

In a fraction of a second, the medication is pushed out through a microscopic opening. Only the tip of the J-TIP injector touches the skin.

The harmless gas escapes through a safety valve and can never come into contact with either the skin, or the medication.


J-TIP injection versus the needle

The injection of the J-TIP spreads into the subcutaneous tissue in a spray-like pattern.
However, compared to the traditional needle method, very little tissue is damaged.

Medication administrered throgh the traditional needle method takes longer to be absorbed.

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