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Epidural Catheters

Complete sets packed in hard blister trays containing :

  • Catheter - G19 (0.45x0.85 mm), 100 cm length, with graduated acc. BSI, additional tip marking, closed tip, three lateral eyes axial staggered by 120
  • Tuohy Borst Connector - Universal for catheter sizes G16 to G18
  • Cannula - Pink coded for G18, 8 cm, with steel mandrin, cm-graduation beginning at the grip, the first 5 cm proximal
  • Filter - 0.20 sterile injection filter, flat construction with an extra large filter surface of 4.8 cm with rotating luer lock bolt
  • Introducer - Avoids slipping away of the catheter while being pushed forward into the luer lock connector of the cannula.
  • Syringe - Standard for normal Epidural Sets or Low Resistance Syringe for LR Sets.


Available in 16G, 17G and 18G

Packed : 20 trays per carton

Minimum order : 100 pcs (single shipment) - 20 per code

Delivery : within 6 weeks from receipt of order

Epidural Sets

Mini-Set 16/17/18 G; Economic Version
Standard 16/17/18 G Standard Kit
LR 16/17/18 G Low Resistance Syringe

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