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Dialysis Catheters

Smooth painless insertion and optimal flow rates thanks to its ideal needle profile which minimizes puncuture site and post dialysis bleeding

Complete sets packed in hard blister trays containing :

  • 11F x 20 cm Polyurethane Bi-lumen Catheter with heparin locks
  • 0.038" x 60 cm Guide wire JDD
  • 11F x 15 cm Vessel Dilator 8F x 7 cm Vessel Dilator
  • 18G x 7 cm Introducer Needle
  • 5cc Luer Syringe

Available in Mono and Bi-lumen

Packed : 20 trays per carton

Minimum order : 100 pcs - 20 per code (single shipment)

Delivery : within 6 weeks from receipt of order

Product Code Min. Quantity
Monolumen MDC01 100
Duolumen MDC02 100

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